Guitar Lead Developing Ideas

One of the most fulfilling abilities to have as a guitarist is the ability to play highly expressive guitar solos. However, most guitar players have a very hard time coming up with creative and fresh ideas to add into their guitar soloing style. At one point or another, almost everyone experiences the frustration of recycling the same guitar solo material fhrom all the solos that you have listened to previously.

soloing center around a melody sung by your favorite singer.So what is a good way to solve this issue?

Step 1: Select a great vocal melody from any song by your favorite singer.
Step 2: Using your guitar, play the melody you’ve selected. Spend some time to really understand how the vocal melody works. Articulate the specific style that the singer uses as closely as you can (don’t simply ‘play the same pitches’).
Step 3: Once you can play the melody in a very articulate manner, pick out the notes which seem to be the strongest points of the melody. Write these notes down in some form.
Step 4: Get rid of the extra pitches, that is all the notes except the ones you identified in the previous step.
Step 5: Write a guitar solo based around the notes you picked in Step 3 and elaborate on them by using other guitar playing techniques and phrases that you know.

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