The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

The purpose of this guide is to give you a comprehensive overview of the things you should consider when buying an acoustic guitar or determining the quality of one. Here’s what we’ll be looking at.

Acoustic Guitar Buying GuideNot all acoustic guitars are the same. There are a lot of differences and characteristics that set each and every guitar apart from the other. Some of these characteristics are really obvious, but some are more nuanced and require a bit more attention.

When you make a serious financial investment, such as buying a guitar, it’s important to make an educated buying decision.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at.

Identifying Your Budget & Goals
The Parts of the Guitar
The Main Things You Want to Look for When Buying an Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar Body Styles
Tonewoods & Other Woods that Effect the Sound of an Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar Pickups & Electronics
Specific Buying Tips for Beginners vs. Seasoned Players
Where to Buy an Acoustic Guitar & the Actual Buying Process

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