Zakk Wylde :Guitar Boot Camp

In this classic Interview Zakk tells the story behind his drive and rise to success, and demonstrates the exercises that help him remain one of the hardest-rocking guitarists of all time. 

Fall in and let the supreme sergeant of shred, Zakk Wylde, show you how to be all you can be with his 100 percent brewtal guitar boot camp! 

“When I was around 11, I went to a football camp and I met the legendary [ex–Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker] Jack Lambert, who was a huge influence on me when I played ball. I idolized him. In fact, I still do because he’s the real deal; he’s totally devoid of bullshit. I remember him telling us something that remains with me to this day: ‘Anybody can play football, but if you don’t have passion for what you’re doing, then get the hell out of here and go home, because I don’t want you on my team.’

Complete Article @ Guitar World 


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