Perfect Pitch versus Relative Pitch

What do Mariah Carey, Miles Davis and Steve Vai have in common? Ask a random person this question and it is likely they will give you an answer along the lines of: “Well, the three of them are (or were) celebrated, skilled musicians who have contributed a great deal to music, and have inspired a lot of musicians around the globe.”
Yes, that’s right.
But that’s not what I’m after. Is there anything else that these people have in common? Yes, actually, all three of them possess(ed) `perfect pitch’.

Identifying Notes

Perfect pitch is the ability to hear and then identify a note or sequence of notes — pretty much on the spot. So, if a person plays the notes C, D, E on some instrument, someone with perfect pitch will be able to say, “Hey, that sequence of notes is C, D and E”. This is obviously a very desirable ability to have — it allows you to hear something and then figure out how to play it without consulting an external reference, like for example your musical instrument.
Complete Lesson @ Perfect Pitch Vs Relative Pitch
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