Guitar Summer Camp For Kids - 2016

My School Of Rock - Bangalore's Top Rated Guitar Academy is happy to announce Rock Summer Camp - 2016
We teach Guitar in a highly Structured Program where our students have a ball learning to play guitar .
Please do have a look at the video below to see how even kids enjoy playing guitar

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Rock Summer Camp - 2016
Summary - 24 Classes in Total , 3 Classes a Week ,{Tuesday ,Thursday,Friday }
Schedule - 8 weeks program
Timing - 7 to 8 p.m
Lessons Covered :
Chromatic Scales
Finger Strengthening Exercise
Music Theory
Learn All The notes On The Guitar
Power Chords
Shift between power chords on 6 th String
Shift Between Power Chords On 5 th String
String Switching
Learn To Read Guitar Tablature
Riffs Using Power Chords
Quarter Note
8th Note
Combination Of Quarter and 8th Note
Slide Riffs
Pentatonic Scales
Open Chords,Strumming Techniques in whole note,Half Note,Quarter Note,8thNote
Play Songs Using the Strumming Patterns
Learn To Play Melody
16th Note
Combination of various strumming patterns
Advanced strumming Technique
Accented Strumming
Palm Muting
Practising with the Metronome
Ear Training
Music Theory
Reading and Writing Music Notation and Tablature
Introduction To Scales
Technique of Playing Songs using the strumming technique and music theory
Learning to Play Contemporary Hits
Technique of Singing While Playing Guitar
Jamming with drum backing tracks
Jamming with other musicians


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